All of our finished foliage is carefully germinated and cultivated from fresh seed harvested from all around the world.

Our goal is to profitably produce a consistently high quality transplant liner, priced so as to be an exceptionally good value to our customer.

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  • Asparagus Ming 4" Pots,, Nice N' Full, 119 casees available.
  • Hypoestes, 72 cellpack, 78 trays available.
  • Schefflera Arboricola 72 cellpack 94 trays. Very nice.
  • Strawberry Guava, 72 cellpack, 22 trays available.
  • Other 4" products we produce:
    Ardisia humilius, Areca palm, Asparagus ming, Asparagus myerii, Asparagus plumosus, Asparagus sprengeri, Hypoestes.

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One single 72 cell of our Areca Palm
can produce one finished 4" in 14 - 20weeks.

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